Our Services:
We at CIFADA are people oriented with a sense of service grounded in humanistic feelings and therefore, we have amongst other things trained over fifty thousand (50,000) farmers nationwide on modern agricultural techniques and we are currently mobilizing more farmers for training and empowerment.

Training and empowerment of African farmers to bring about drastic agricultural revolution among the entire African continent, mobilization and equipping African rural farmers for an ambitious agrarian revolution, seeking for financial and technical aid on behalf of the African rural farmers to achieve economic growth, food security, agricultural revolution as well as eradicating hunger in Africa.

Our teams of experts have before the formal inception of this organisation, researched and have identified the various factors and areas militating against agricultural development at subsistence, local and commercial levels. However, six states, each from the six geo-political zones of Nigeria were chosen to carry out this research and their findings have revealed the different areas and factors that are hindering profitable agricultural development in Nigeria.

These areas include, attitude of able individuals towards agriculture, lack of modern equipment and technology, lack of training, insufficient or non availability of improved seedlings and species of both plants and animals, inaccessible funds for agricultural purposes, post harvest infrastructure ranging from powered storage facilities, good roads, means of transportation, e.t.c.