We have a membership of committed farmers of over fifty thousand (50,000) farmers who are farming in various parts of Africa most especially Nigeria and the list is growing by the day as we are bent on mobilizing and training more African rural farmers.

Our activities include training farmers on various types of farming like fishing, legumes, cereal, live stock, poultry, wildlife, tuber farming, agrochemical processing, storage and preservation and so on. This is achieved with the central coordinating officers liaising with state coordinator to undertake advocacy sensitization programmes and training of rural farmers at state levels. This programme is coordinated by state NGOs who are organized under the state volunteer officers from various participating groups and affiliate NGOs in the state. The leader of these projects at state and local government levels organize several meetings with community leaders who assist CIFADA to strengthen the understanding of local farmers of the various processes. This is to ensure that the proper utilization of the benefits of the programmes is fully enjoyed by the community members.