CIFADA (Citizens Foundation for Agricultural Development in Africa) is a non-governmental organisation with an organized structural network of rural, individual cum Scandinavian farmers, intending farmers and farm produce dealers is focused on attainment of that lofty vision to attain food security for all. With agriculture as the bane of human existence, a group of concerned Africans with the sole aim of harnessing the untapped vast agricultural sector of Africa, came together to form this organisation, CIFADA. A wide range of research has shown that Africa with an arable vast land and excellent weather condition has been lagging behind agriculturally and as a result, web advocate that with these free gift of nature in place, Africa can be the only continent that has the potentials of feeding the world, providing the much needed employment and finally killing hunger, if agriculture is given its true revolutionary considerations. However, we are working tirelessly with agencies of like-minds such as International and local private donor agencies and concerned individuals, concerned African farmers, international, national, state and local governments who have the same vision that hunger can be eradicated and food security made real, if agriculture is revolutionalised.  


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